“eternal late bloomer in purple”

“eternal late bloomer in purple”

hey there!
I’m Victoria Faye

I write and create content about finding inspiration for creative work, creative play, and personal style. When not spoiling my cats, I freelance in graphic design + branding.

. essays/articles/tips on creative entrepreneurship and fueling creative productivity.

. a journal of sorts of my current creative endeavors, artwork and other creative mediums

.my love for lifestyle, beauty and fashion inspired by literature,pop culture,and music.

passion Projects | 2019

I am working on releasing the #HEARTFUEL Podcast in late January, a series of sound designed essays for creatives by creatives about finding and keeping inspiration for creative work and life in general.

Got a story or essay to share? Or want to work together?

commissions + freelance work | 2019

Currently I'm booked out for any graphic design and branding commissions until June of 2019, however I will be posting available book design artwork in February 2019.

Thank you for visiting this little site of mine, hope you’ll stick around awhile and explore!

“lightweight jacket and purse”

“lightweight jacket and purse”