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#goals | september

Victoria Faye

I wanted to start a monthly series on the blog that talks about my creative goals.


For me its about a focus on motivation - always keep moving forward right?
Here's what I'm working for this Sept:

intensifying the side hustle:

Until now, I've marketed myself as a graphic designer/creative director, nothing more nothing less, but I'm heading into a new thing with my side hustle ( : designing brand collateral and media for women. Its what I've wanted to do for a long time, but I've hesitated, simply because I was afraid. But as someone wise once said - "Ain't no body got time for that!"

I'll be heading out to NYC this week to kick it all off, and its a perfect start to a new chapter
in all things creative for me  -  I've been sitting still for so long while coming out of my 2 year depression, I can't wait to build back the momentum I had when I started this whole freelance thing.

build my brand on insta

I've been lazy about instagram to be completely honest, partly because of the issues it seems the platform is having once it was taken over by FB (the algorithm + shadowbans), but mostly because I've been uninspired. Heartachingly uninspired. I'm longing to do more with it - and with the injection of motivation  I'm feeling because of my NYC trip, I want to work on refining my socials, but especially my insta - follow along won't you?  @thevictoriafaye

build on my inner + outer beauty inspo

There was a point in time where loud fashion and beauty were life. 
I'm getting into that again - I want to feed my love for expression through make up and clothes, while also admitting that these things make me feel good. I'm not sure when I started feeling like wanting to look good and get prettied up was a bad thing, but enough is enough! What are your #goals this month?
Let me know in the comments =)

Till next time,

Trust yourself.

Love lifeVictoria Faye

Fear is the thing that makes you insecure.
Doubt is the thing that KEEPS you insecure.


When it comes to creating for a living, doubt invades trust, and we end up 2nd guessing ourselves. "Is it good enough?" "Am I good enough?" "Will anyone like what I'm doing?"

The funny thing this doubtful thinking rarely helps you improve your skillset, and if you let it, it will influence your work to live up to a standard that belongs to someone else, and you end up trusting what other people judge about your work, rather than your own vision or intrepretation.

The remedy? Answer these questions about what you do: "Does this represent me?" "Is my message clear?"  "Has my effort produced the intended result?"

These questions, over time and if asked over and over in your process will give you clarity of vision and your authentic style. You'll be able to trust what you say, what you do, and what you have to offer, finally, because the measure of "good enough" doesn't depend on others. 

Trust yourself. You're pretty amazing.

Victoria Faye