Where do you get your images?- If I don't take the pictures or make the graphics myself, I purchase images from stock sites. My favorites are Stocksy, Bigstock and Pexels. 

Can I use your images? Not without asking - see above. Photos/Illustrations or graphics that I have created can not be used without expressed written consent. Some images may require a fee for usage. Other images that I did not create are either licensed or used with permission. Please ask me to give your the sources so the creative can earn what is due for their work.

Services & Contact

What do you do? - I am a online content creator/graphic designer, as well as  a branding/marketing specialist. I have been working as a freelance creative for over 9 years. I work closely with individuals who create online content or own and run a creative business.

How much does it cost? 
Send me a note using my contact form and I can give you a quote.

What is your process?- I take the time to learn what you love so I can help fuel what you do.

Do you work with companies or businesses?
For branding, graphic design or editing - no.
For products, collaborations or targeted content, yes!

What is your email address? 

Can I send you mail?
I currently don't have a PO Box - Thanks for the thought though!




Can you write a guest post on my blog? 
Send an email to Lets talk!

Can I write a guest post for you?
See above =) 

Can we collab on a video?
I'd love to collab if our content compliments each other. Send me an email!



Who publishes your books? - Books are indie published through Inkdom Books.

Why are your books/journals cheaper on Amazon - Purchasing directly from me includes extra goodies. Amazon's not cool like that.

How long does it take to restock? 
Sold out items may take some time to restock, anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. 



Do you host workshops? - I host the LoveLifeWorkCreative workshop and the Book Branding Blueprint twice a year, online an in person. Sub to my socials and my newsletter to find out when it all goes down! 

Can you speak on a Panel? - I would love to share about my experience in creative work, graphic design, freelance work, as well as living and working through depression. 

I've spoken on the above topics before!