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new year | new goals


My milestones in 2017 were few, but luckily, it was about quality, not quantity:
1. CONNECTION I got back online after a virtual internet hiatus of almost 2 years. I had left initially because I had lost my way as a creative, and even more so as a person when life, health issues and depression had hit me hard. Coming back was a small step back into the world and a bigger step back into myself and who I wanted to be.

2. BREAKTHROUGH I finally came to understand what causes and triggers my depression both emotionally and chemically/physically so that its finally under control. For 2014 to 2016, my inspiration and motivation had sunk into an abyss, and climbing out of it is one of the biggest breakthroughs I never thought I'd ever make.

3.  SELF CONFIDENCE I learned how to LOVE, DO and SHARE what I really love  deep inside, unapologetically.  Lack of confidence, real confidence has been a huge setback in my life. Feeling like I wasn't good enough, that I wasn't skilled enough, that I wasn't successful enough were all excuses I made for not continuing to building my creative business. All my life I had learned to fake a facade of confidence, and that shell fell away in 2017. I know who I am, and why I am finally,  and I'm determined to operate with the momentum that comes with confidence not fear of failure or desperation.  Essentially, in 2017, I allowed myself to be myself, a skill I didn't ever think I'd have to learn.


In 2018 its all about ownership for me.

Ownership of craft, my flaws, my talents, my imperfections, my accomplishments, my failures...It's what always what I've wanted - understanding and knowing what is mine in this life, what I have control of and what I don't. It's a goal that I've chased after even before I know the name or shape of it, but now I finally understand what it means, and I can't wait to live it in 2018.

What are you looking forward to this year?